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arc42 by Example

Six Real-World Systems...

The architecture of real systems, documented with the arc42 template. Helps you jumpstart your own documentation. Written by Gernot Starke, Michael Simons and Stefan Zörner.

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Online Examples

Here you find links to public arc42 examples. Contact us if you like your system included here…

HTML Sanity Checker (English)
Verbose example for the documentation of a Gradle plugin, created by Dr. Gernot Starke.

DocChess (German)
Verbose example for a chess engine, created by Stefan Zörner. There is also a book available which describes the creation of this example.

Gradle (German)
A series of blog posts which describe certain aspects of Gradle and put them into context of arc42. Created by Stefan Zörner.

biking (English) A real world example for a bike activity tracker, created by Michael Simons

Angular 2 (German) A series of blog posts inspired by the Gradle “Starschnitt”. Created by Patrick Roos.

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arc42 offers architecture training.

Two expert trainers at all times, highly practical and pragmatic, ideal preparation for iSAQB CPSA-Foundation certification.
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iSAQB Advanced Topics

IMPROVE: Learn to effectively evolve and maintain systems.
Req4Arc: Getting your Requirements right.
What to do if your requirements need improvement.
ADOC: Architecture Documentation
How to efficiently and effectively create and maintain useful technical documentation.
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