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We are founding members of the iSAQB association, and actively participated in iSAQB standardization working groups ever since.

Since 2016, Gernot Starke serves as working group lead of the FLWG, the iSAQB task force for the (Foundation Level) curriculum.

Peter and Gernot have successfully trained and coached more than 2000 (now certified) software architecture professionals, both within inhouse and public seminars and workshops.

Their well-known workshop “Mastering Software Architectures” attracts developers, software designers and software architects, to coach systematic development, communication and analysis/evaluation of software architectures.

Peter and Gernot pioneered the “dual trainer” mode - where two experienced trainers are conducting training in parallel - yielding a lively, diverse and highly motivation learning experience. They have gained their vast experience from different backgrounds (Peter more from embedded and real-time systems, Gernot more from information-, web- and batch systems) - giving training participants many opportunities to get first-hand experience from these various domains.

Ideal Preparation for CPSA-F Examination

arc42 trainings provide ideal and effective preparation for the iSAQB CPSA (Certified Professional for Software Architecture) certifications.

Our popular public trainings are currently held in Munic, Frankfurt and Vienna, for exact dates and conditions please refer to our training site.

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arc42 offers architecture training.

Two expert trainers at all times, highly practical and pragmatic, ideal preparation for iSAQB CPSA-Foundation certification.
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iSAQB Advanced Topics

IMPROVE: Learn to effectively evolve and maintain systems.
Req4Arc: Getting your Requirements right.
What to do if your requirements need improvement.
ADOC: Architecture Documentation
How to efficiently and effectively create and maintain useful technical documentation.
Early bird rates available. Contact us for inhouse training.

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