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We provide you with the arc42 template for architecture documentation - Open Source, pragmatic, free of charge. You fill it with your architecture decisions - Simple, effective and painless.



We have successfully trained hundreds of people in our proven Mastering Software Architectures workshop. Practical, effective and sustainable. Perfectly prepares for the iSAQB Foundation certification.



The arc42-method

arc42 is systematic but flexible. Suitable for large and small teams in iterative or less agile processes.


arc42 reading material

There is a lot to read about arc42 and architecture. From methodology to good practices to complete examples of software architectures. Browse our books, articles, talks or videos.



We help in all life situations of your IT projects. Read more about our offers of consulting, reviews or practical support for your projects.


arc42 is based on practical experience of many systems in various domains, from information and web systems, real-time and embedded to business intelligence and data warehouses.

arc42 provides a template for documentation and communication of software and system architectures.

arc42 supports arbitrary technologies and tools.

arc42 is completely process-agnostic, and especially well-suited for lean and agile development approaches.

arc42 is open-source and can be used free of charge, in commercial and private situations. See our license page for details.

Learn more!

arc42 offers architecture training.

Two expert trainers at all times, highly practical and pragmatic, ideal preparation for iSAQB CPSA-Foundation certification.
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iSAQB Advanced Topics

IMPROVE: Learn to effectively evolve and maintain systems.
Req4Arc: Getting your Requirements right.
What to do if your requirements need improvement.
ADOC: Architecture Documentation
How to efficiently and effectively create and maintain useful technical documentation.
Early bird rates available. Contact us for inhouse training.

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