Version 7.0, released January 20th 2017.

On this page you find all available arc42 template downloads, various formats for various tools. For an overview of these formats, see below.

File-based formats

Format Language Plain With Help
docx EN .zip .zip
  DE .zip .zip
  ES .zip .zip
asciidoc EN .zip .zip
  DE .zip .zip
  ES .zip .zip
markdown EN .zip .zip
  DE .zip .zip
  ES .zip .zip
latex EN .zip .zip
  DE .zip .zip
  ES .zip .zip
html EN .zip .zip
  DE .zip .zip
  ES .zip .zip
rst EN .zip .zip
  DE .zip .zip
  ES .zip .zip
textile EN .zip .zip
  DE .zip .zip
  ES .zip .zip

Confluence format

Confluence versions are generated with help and come in two flavors:

  • flat: all sections on a single page
  • structured: one Confluence page per arc42-section
Language flat structured
DE .zip .zip
EN .zip .zip
ES .zip .zip

These versions are generated for the latest version of confluence (we test with our own cloud-hosted confluence provided by Atlassian.)

Notes for Confluence users

Legacy Version (arc42 v6) for Confluence

If you still use confluence version 4 or 5, these legacy downloads might help you

Confluence version Language With Help
5.x EN .zip
>4.3 EN .zip
5.x DE .zip
>4.3 DE .zip

These legacy versions have been provided (thanx!) by arc42 users - and can not be supported by us (as we don’t have access to these legacy Confluence versions).

Enterprise Architect© format

Enterprise Architect;copy; is a commercial UML modeling tool by SparxSystems.

The Enterprise-Architect version of arc42 contains only the diagram-intensive parts of the arc42 structure without help text. It’s available in EN only.

Please use this format only as a companion to any textual or wiki format, as it does not contain any explanations or rationales. Put your diagrams into an EA model, but text and tables should be created, kept and maintained differently.

Enterprise Architect EAP
Short EA template:

Formats for other modeling tools

We currently don’t support additional modeling tools - but would love to… In case you use arc42 with such a tool, please think about contributing :-)

Please contact us!

Format overview

Microsoft Word, usable with LibreOffice or OpenOffice
Powerful yet simple markup language, used by arc42 itself. Ideally suited for architecture documentation. See docToolchain or the original source.
Widespread and simple markup language, documented here by its inventor.
No, not the rubber stuff, but the mother (despite TeX) of all markup languages, a full-blown document preparation system. For those who need beauty and are willing to invest some effort…
ReStructuredText, markup language, heavily used by ReadTheDocs and in the Python world.
Another simple markup language, well-documented
Used only to view the template, not to work with it.
A commercial wiki system (by Atlassian Inc.).

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